Who Are We?

Our Mission

To create spaces where children and young people can meet Jesus.

Synergy’s aim is to develop, manage and implement activities in the Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn that promote and facilitate bringing children and young people to knowledge of Christ and membership of his church and teaching and training them for maturity in the Christian life and for service to the church and broader community.


Our Values

We believe in one God, Father, Son and Holy Sprit; who creates and redeems all and equips the church for the work of God’s Kingdom.

We believe that the Bible is a sure witness to these works. 

We are an agency in the Anglican tradition and value the diversity of faith expression this brings. 

We are a welcoming, open and inclusive of all children and young people.

We meet children and young people where they are at in their walk with Christ. 

We value faith exploration and aim to create safe environments todo this.

We offer authentic, relevant and engaging, worship for our youth and children.

We seek growth in our lives and the lives of those we encounter.

We care for one another.

We are committed to serve the young people and children in the Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn.

We do this by.

As a small agency Synergy aims to achieve these outcomes by:-

  • – Coming along side parishes and ministry units to help them grow their ministry to young people and children.
  • – Mentoring of established and emerging youth and children ministers.
  • – Running camps as an experience of Christian living.
  • – Regional training events.


The Director

Ben Paton

With a background in small business management, outdoor education, Fresh Expressions of Church, and being a stay at home, father Ben has a diverse experience for managing the day to day running of Synergy.

Currently working on the final year of his theology degree, Ben is excited for the opportunity to be working in the renewal of the Church through Synergy. He believes that this will happen by equipping young people and children to minister to their peers. Because of this, Ben is passionate about discipleship, leader building and training of young ministers. He is also keen to come alongside ministry units to help them grow their current work, both in program development and leadership training.

When he is not ministering or doing university work, Ben likes to spend time with his wife and five children. In summer activities like canoeing, sailing and yard games are dominant. As well as having BBQing with friends. In winter Ben loves to go XC skiing, as a hiker he found the slopes a bit too crowded but getting away from them has opened up a whole new world of exploration.

Stay in contact with us!

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