Camp Pelican

Where were you when you first discovered a relationship with Jesus?

Was it in your home, were you amongst friends or family, was it at your church? If you answered yes, then you are very blessed to find yourself in such a place. However, for many people, their walk with Christ does not start in these places, and even when it does, it may not stand the test of time. This is where the ministry of Camp Pelican comes in.

For over forty years, youth in the Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn have had the opportunity to come to know Christ and his plans for them through the ministry of Camp Pelican. Founded on the idea that people can come to know Jesus through an experience of short term Christian community living. This experience includes things like learning from God’s word from speakers who are in a similar stage of life, spending time away from the regular patterns of life and in a community where people relate to campers as beloved children of God. That all these experiences are fun because they are embedded in the outdoors amongst God’s creation which also adds to the wonder that young people experience. Most importantly, Camp Pelican is run by volunteers who are passionate about not only their own walk with Jesus but also helping others walk with him as well.

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