How can we help you

Are you a Church or Ministry Unit looking to start or grow your ministry to Children and Young People? Are you a minister to children or young people who wants to take the next step in developing yourself and your skills?  Would you like some assistance to make your ministry sustainable? If so, Synergy can come alongside you to help grow your personal capacity and the capacity of the people around you. 

We can do this by-
  • Program development and resourcing
  • Assessing the needs and capabilities of your ministry
  • Creating training and development plans for teams and individuals 
  • Discipleship training for teams 
  • Recruitment of staff
  • Using Synergy’s network to identify opportunities for job-sharing and collaboration between parishes and ministry units to create meaningful positions 
  • Helping to develop clear job descriptions for ministers 
  • Providing mentoring for ministers
  • Linking teams and individuals with relevant training
  • Providing placement opportunities outside of your everyday ministry context so people can learn and grow 
  • Networking with others who minister in similar areas
  • Assisting with safe ministry compliance.
  • Through the Pelican Community help run keynote events in a local setting

If you or your ministry unit could use help with any of this (or something else), please reach out to us via the Contact Page . We can make a time to meet up and work out the best way for Synergy Youth and Children to help.